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The Swedish method




Confident Birth is a physiological and modern method of birth and delivery. The method is about how it is possible to give birth safely, and with the help of the physiology activate the body's amazing innate ability. The method and book is based on physiological knowledge as respiratory physiology and stress physiology, as well as the existing evidence on the importance of support. In addition to our childbirth preparation classes for parents the method is taught in the country's midwifery schools and given as training to the hospitals and other units. Our advanced training in health care focuses on reducing the influence of fear and stress in the delivery room. Our childbirth preparation gives the parents the knowledge of the vital breath, and how they can help the body's physiology and nutrition, in order to achieve a safe and peaceful birth as possible.

Sanna Bråding talks about our Birthing class and Susanna explains the basics!
Inspiration on how to use the four Confident birth-tools!
Susanna and Liisa lecture for midwives in London!
Hospitals and universities that has used Confident Birth
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